Starting next week: FEATURE FRIDAY


*********BREAKING NEWS**********

Good morning, dear Readers!

Yesterday must have been my creative high point of the week because I came up with the BRILLIANT idea to feature a local business every Friday in our Daily Tidbits Blog. I'll call it FEATURE FRIDAY. Cool, right?

Anyway, what gave me the idea is that I sent a few thank you notes out to businesses I dealt with a lot during my 9 years of office management for a major local landlord. I arranged for plumbing, carpet installation, painting, appliance purchases, etc, etc, on a daily basis for 150 apartments in 33 buildings. In addition, Fintan and I belong to a wonderful group called the Cape Ann Referral Group which meets twice a month. New members are carefully selected by recommendations followed by votes from existing members only, so we have another excellent resource of dedicated local professionals we can refer with confidence. I thought it would be a great service to pass this valuable information on to our clients and readers of our blog. It takes a little of the guess work out of who to hire for property-related jobs or where to purchase materials from a knowledgeable expert. Just for fun I will also mix in some surprises like where to find fabulous little home accessories or gourmet treats for a get-together. We have so many amazing local vendors and service professionals right here on Cape Ann, it's going to be a lot of fun to present them in our blog.

So this is how FEATURE FRIDAY is going to work, starting next Friday (my idea came too late at night for today, sorry):

I will call or visit the weekly featured business during the week. The owner or manager can give me a few pointers of what they would like me to mention about their specialties. Of course there will be a link to their website if applicable, and I will either take a photo myself or, if preferable, will post one the owners provide me with.

For a quick look-up of any featured business' contact information you are always welcome to access our website's Business Directory. Just let them know where you found them :-)

Get ready for FEATURE FRIDAY next week!!!!!

Until the big day I will leave you with a link to the Cape Ann Referral Group's website and a photo of Rockport's beautiful Old Garden Beach in warmer days which are sure to some point :-)

Enjoy the weekend!