Almost time for another Feature Friday


Hello and sorry for not delivering any new blog posts this week!!!! We had a little website glitch involving the complete, sudden disappearance of all home page content AND, strangely, the Blog toolbar! It was a little like having the Y2K total meltdown everyone expected 15 years too late haha. I would like to insist that it was NOT due to an operator error, however I had been fiddling around with the webpage, adding photos and general decorative touches, right before it all happened.

But we're BACK and right in time for the second FEATURE FRIDAY. Are you excited for tomorrow??? Our featured business will be Ben's Wallpaper & Paint on Railroad Avenue. I love that store for the outstanding expert advice I have received on numerous occasions.

Exhibit A, below, is a before and after photo of my "Dublin" door. After seeing all the colorful front doors in Ireland's capital, I headed straight from the airport to Ben's Wallpaper & Paint where Bonnie, the always helpful owner, provided me with all the necessary tools and tips, as well as the perfect shade of blue, for my very own Irish door right here in Gloucester. Stay tuned!