By Sybille C. Denninger

Good Morning, everyone :-) It's FEATURE FRIDAY time again and the summer is flying by! Today I am featuring the Cape Ann Farmers Market in Gloucester, which takes place every Thursday afternoon from 3 pm until 6.30 pm, starting (in 2015) on June 11th through October 8th. This is the mother of all our local Farmers Markets in size, location and variety of products offered, so don't forget to stop by and get fresh summer produce to enjoy (the sweet raspberries I bought from Marshalls Farm Stand didn't even make it to the car haha).

The Cape Ann Farmers Market started in 2006 and was originally located in the open space between the Building Center and TD Bank. Its popularity exploded however and the market moved to its current location at Stage Fort Park. There is plenty of free parking available for the roughly 1500 visitors who flock to the Cape Ann Farmers Market every single Thursday. And who can blame them? I mean, the sweeping views of the Atlantic paired with organically grown fresh vegetables, fruits, Artisan breads, maple sugar and maple syrup, honey, fresh pasta, pasta sauces, pastries, potted herbs, prepared foods, smoked fish, preserves, jewelry and glass ware, just to name a few things! Picture me taking notes and snapping pictures while balancing more and more bags and berry containers along the way! Note to self: Bring at least TWO tote bags haha.

Check out the Cape Ann Farmers Market's easy to navigate website for a complete list of vendors and other valuable information:


Come early, sit in the gazebo and enjoy the ocean and fresh breeze while you wait for the market to open. Or get some strawberries and chocolate croissants to snack on down at the beach after you have finished your shopping. This has got to be the best location for a Farmers Market ever!

While there are too many wonderful vendors to write about here, I would like to highlight one major staple of the Cape Ann Farmers Market, our very own Marshalls Farm Stand, whose main business is located in West Gloucester. Residents already know that Marshalls Farm has the best corn. I found out that they also offer the best raspberries, among other fabulous looking produce. Eat them sun-warm right out of the container and it's as if you picked them yourself without all the work! http://www.marshallsfarmstand.com/ 

Another merchant I should mention is A & J King Artisan Breads because you will see a line of epic proportion in front of this stand. Don't even think of skipping their goodies because of the wait! As I joined the crowd the lady in front of me assured me that it all is worth waiting for. She was right. I scored a loaf of English Muffin Bread, already sliced, which was amazing! They offer lots of other baked goods and pastries, so line up! http://ajkingbakery.com/ 

Don't miss the Cape Ann Farmers Market because, like our Massachusetts summers, it's gone before you know it and won't be back for 6 months! Here are some photos of the hustle and bustle; please keep in mind that I was severely shopping bag impaired when I took these haha. The final picture is from the dinner my hubby and I enjoyed with all my purchases.

Long live the awesome Cape Ann Farmers Market!