By Sybille C. Denninger


Good morning, everyone :-)

FEATURE FRIDAY is here again!!!!!!

After a 3-Friday break I am thrilled to introduce Dr. Debbie Ramsey and her Alignment Chiropractic Center, where Debbie not only treats people patients but, at a special outdoor area, pets as well! 

Debbie, seen here in an awesome photo on her award-winning horse, has been in business since 1982. She started her practice in Brookline 33 years ago, then closed it and opened Alignment Chiropractic Center in Gloucester after having commuted from Rockport to Brookline for 18 years. So it is her 15th anniversary on November 8th and we are lucky to have her right here on Cape Ann since 2000! Many patients from her former practice have followed her to Gloucester, driving from Brookline, Framingham, Quincy and New Hampshire once a month; some of them have been with her for the entire 33 years! She treats babies and infants, and shared a cute story of her oldest patient who, at age 98 (!), came in to "walk better" after shoveling himself out after one too many snow storms. He actually drove to her office in a blizzard!

When I called Debbie for my FEATURE FRIDAY interview, I was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm, her vast knowledge, and her ability to explain the 8 different techniques she uses to help her patients with many health issues which are caused by being out of alignment. From the obvious pinched nerves and calamities like stiff necks and aching backs, to headaches and vertigo which one may not know a chiropractor can help with, Debbie has an appropriate technique to make her patients feel well again. Many chiropractors use 1 or 2 techniques but by offering 8, Debbie can find just the right treatment for each individual patient. She always starts with a thorough exam and x-rays, then chooses one or more techniques based on her assessment of the condition. I was interested in finding out what methods there are and Debbie described some of them to me. There is the Diversified Technique (aka Cracking and Popping), and the similar Gomstead Technique, one of the oldest. There is the SOT which employs wedges and blocks to help spinal fluid flow evenly, the Activator and Impulse Technique which through force on the spine painlessly moves vertebrea back into place, and the first ever developed Technique called HIO, used to treat vertigo and headaches. There is the Thompson Technique which involves a moving table with drop pieces, and Debbie's personal favorite: The Pierce Technique, developed by Dr. Pierce and based on changing and correcting the curves in the body which can be off and need to be re-aligned to take pressure of nerves. 

Debbie shared with me that she feels fortunate to have found her niche in life when she decided to become a chiropractor following a major operation that left her in terrible pain. After seeing a chiropractor and receiving treatments, Debbie's condition finally improved so significantly that she decided she too wanted to be able to help people through chiropractic. She had already studied veterinary medicine for two years at that point and so 14 years ago she became certified to treat animals as well.

I loved hearing about how Debbie helps pets -mostly dogs, fewer cats- in a designated area outside of her office, and how on several occasions beloved pets, who were nearly put to sleep because they could no longer walk or were in a lot of pain, recovered after receiving chiropractic treatment. Local veterinary clinics are referring cases to her, because pets suffer from pinched nerves and misalignments as well, particularly very active dogs. Pressure on nerves can affect the overall health of both humans and animals. Hearing Debbie talk about her own beloved horses and two poodles, it is clear to me that pets get the royal treatment at Alignment Chiropractic Center, just like her human patients do.

Debbie was an absolute pleasure to chat with! Please check out her website:


Dr. Debbie Ramsey

Alignment Chiropractic Center

9 G Osman Babson Road

Gloucester, MA 01930

Telephone: 978-282-7400

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