Good morning and have a happy start into a new week, everyone :-)

Easter is fast approaching and so I thought it would be helpful to throw out a few ideas for simple and reasonable decorations.

The easiest of all decorations is a vase (or 2, or 3 haha) of fresh spring flowers. While snow is still on the ground and it feels like January outside, places like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and our local supermarkets sell reasonable, gorgeous bouquets of classic spring favorites like hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. These will brighten your rooms with very little cost or effort.

One of my go-to's is something I always had at home in Germany: A decorative bucket or pitcher filled with forsythia or pussy-willow branches on which I hang pretty wooden easter eggs and assorted bunny ornaments. If you place freshly cut forsythia branches in warm water, they will bloom quickly and look awesome. Pussy-willow branches last for weeks and don't even require any water. It's perfect if you have rambunctious cats, trust me, I know!

Marshalls sells inexpensive and very cute Easter decorations also. Just pick up an adorable rabbit and place it on your table, or get a springy cup and saucer and fill it with Easter eggs, either chocolate or decorative ones. Jelly beans in pastel colors are also great. Simple yet beautiful. Marshalls also offers a nice selection of table runners or table cloths for an instant pop of spring color.

Marshmallow Peeps always look whimsical when arranged on a pastel colored dish or on a 2-or 3-tiered dessert stand along with some seasonal cookies.

Tomorrow I will post a recipe for a mouthwatering Easter Sunday treat :-)