Good morning :-)

Is it me or are the weekends always flying by way faster than the work days? Monday morning is here once again, and back to business we go! 

I want to start the week with a really awesome post about Gloucester High School. We met a lovely lady, Nancy Goodman, when she attended the last meeting of the Cape Ann Referral Group. Nancy visited to tell us about the Gloucester High School Transition Program for which she is the Transition Coordinator. The GHS Transition Program aims to partner with local businesses to match students, who participate in various vocational programs, with part-time jobs which fit the skills they are acquiring at GHS. The Cape Ann Referral Group really enjoyed Nancy's presentation and I loved seeing her obvious pride in the students she is placing with local businesses. After Feature Friday I think this is a great subject for a Monday Blog post.

It is first of all great to hear that GHS offers quite a few vocational programs such as automotive tech, culinary arts, child study, computer aided design, residential building & carpentry, as well as electrical and machine technology. In addition, Cape Ann Savings Bank operates a bank branch with students at GHS. It is empowering for teenagers who have special talents and interests to achieve success in these fields when not faring as well in subjects like math or languages. Through the GHS Transition Program Nancy selects vocational program students for Cape Ann businesses who want to hire them for a few after-school hours, on weekends or during school vacations. She informs herself what an available job entails, enabling her to recommend the right student for the position. So now the students are not only acquiring valuable skills at school, they can also put them to good use. Gaining on the job experience will make them an even more valuable asset when they go on to apprenticeships or full-time jobs after graduation. Their bosses get a willing and well prepared young employee who appreciates the chance to utilize what they learn in school in the real world. It's a win-win situation!

Any student referred by the Transition Program will have collected three reference forms from former employers or from teachers. They will have been coached on how to approach you, for example the proper way to shake hands. They were advised on how to dress and how to respond to standard interview questions. Nancy also offers ongoing support or coaching to students once they have started their part-time jobs in the community to optimize their chances for success. 

Spring is the perfect time for you to consider ways that a high school student can serve your business, either after-school and on weekends until June or part- or full-time during the summer. Now is the time when things get busy on Cape Ann; who couldn't use an extra pair of capable hands?

Rich Naugle, manager at the Building Center, gives Nancy the following testimonial: “Nancy takes the time to learn about what the job requires and introduces me to students whose strengths match what I am looking for. She never pushes to place someone when the timing isn’t right for us."

Theresa Maddix, Personnel Coordinator at Shaw’s on Eastern Avenue, also has a very positive experience with the Transition Program: “I have been more than satisfied with the two students referred to me by Nancy Goodman.  I would encourage any employer who has a job for a high school student to work with Nancy to identify someone who would make a good fit for your business." 

Well said! This is a really impressive program and, knowing that our local business owners are very community-oriented, I hope lots of part-time positions will be filled with students through the GHS Transition Program <hint hint>

For further information about the GHS Transition Program, or to offer a part-time position to a student, please contact

Nancy Goodman at 978-290-0702

or e-mail her at: