German Houses

By Sybille C. Denninger

Sybille is baaaack :-)

Hello dear Readers,

I hope you missed my blog entries a little bit while I spent two weeks with my parents in Germany. Unfortunately they live in the middle of nowhere and don't agree that having internet access/WiFi is vital for survival. Otherwise I would have been happy to blog about some of my "adventures" during the trip.

FEATURE FRIDAY will be back this week; I am planning on featuring Glover's Floor Covering, so please stop by.

Today I have a special treat for everyone......wait for it.....German Houses!!!!!! The obsession with taking pictures of random buildings is clearly an occupational hazzard. I kept an eye out for especially unique, old constructions which you may not see every day. I even snapped a photo of RE/MAX Immobilien (German for Real Estate) in my old hometown Bamberg.

I grew up in Franconia, which is a region within Bavaria. There is Upper, Middle and Lower Franconia. Each part of Franconia has its own dialect with many words coming from the French. The land of the Franks was assigned to Bavaria by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803, allegedly because the Franconians were very difficult to deal with and kind of vicious and combative....I find that hard to believe HAHA. Charles the Great aka Charlemagne aka Karl der Grosse was King of the Franks from the year 768 until 814. We also have our own flag and song! There is a lovely area called "Frankische Schweiz"which features awesome Jurassic rock formations, caves and fossils just lying around. One of the caves has a complete cave bear skeleton on display......coincidentally my No WiFi parents just so happen to live in that area ;-)

Here, without further ado, some typical Franconian houses featuring woodwork called "Fachwerk". Have a great evening and pop in tomorrow for a few more photos!