By Sybille C. Denninger

Hi Everyone! It's FEATURE FRIDAY Time :-)

Another week has flown by, as fabulous weather-weeks always do, and here is a brand new and very interesting FEATURE FRIDAY post. Today we are introducing Eli Jacobe who is a licensed acupuncturist and owns his own practice, Atlantic Acupuncture in Gloucester.

Eli has practiced acupuncture, which originates from China, in Gloucester since 1993. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture and went on to study acupuncture and Chinese Qigong therapeutic exercise in China. There he participated in advanced acupuncture training in Beijing at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You know you are in good hands when your acupuncturist is that solidly trained!

Eli is also immensely knowledgeable in Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional supplements, and in how the proper food choices can improve his patients' overall health. As he says: He gets people feeling better so they can get on with their lives. Eli uses a holistic approach to treating anything from headaches, arthritis, sports injuries, unexplained pains in the body, to fatigue, stress, anxiety and allergies. Eli says that the body can heal itself through Chinese medical science. The body is like a fuse box which can blow a circuit at any time, resulting in a variety of ailments. Acupuncture gently tickles just the right nerves so they resume sending proper signals through the body. Joints, tissues and organs work naturally from birth, but over time they can get off track. Acupuncture gets the body back to optimum function.

We all know weird symptoms which you can't even describe to your doctor unless you don't mind sounding crazy. "Uh, so, my elbow is stinging and I have this pain shooting up from my little toe to my knee but I can't see anything there, although when I try to look down I have pressure in my temples...." You get the idea haha. Your doctor will likely order x-rays and run some tests and in the end you are diagnosed with...nothing! Here is where Eli comes in. Like a detective he will investigate the reasons why you are feeling poorly.

There are many factors doctors simply overlook because they are not showing up in standard tests. For a lab fee of $79.00 Eli offers a comprehensive test which includes testing for 22 minerals. This is important because lead, a major contributor to poor overall health if you have elevated levels in your body, does not show up in standard tests at all. Lead poisoning is not reserved for small kids who chew on paint chips and window sills. Lipstick for example is an every day item which may contain lead depending on the brand. A doctor named Sara Gottfried recently reported that an average American woman eats 10 pounds of lipstick during her lifetime (I believe her!). The mineral test will uncover deficiencies as well which can then be balanced out with the right supplements. Another common reason for feeling lousy are undetected food allergies. Eli can arrange for testing and then assist you with eliminating trigger foods from your diet.

Exercise is of course always good for your health, too. Eli teaches Qigong at the Ananda Shanti Yoga Center in Manchester on Tuesdays at 6.30 pm and on Thursdays at 11 am. The photo below shows Eli receiving his Qigong Certification to Teach from a well known Doctor in China. That is one impressive looking diploma!

I greatly enjoyed speaking with Eli for this week's FEATURE FRIDAY blog! There is a lot of excellent information on his website so please visit:


Eli Jacobe, Lic.Ac.

10 Norman Avenue

Gloucester, MA 01930

Tel. 978-525-2255




 Photos graciously provided by Eli Jacobe