By Sybille C. Denninger


Good morning, my dear Readers!!!

Another week is almost over and you know what that means: FEATURE FRIDAY is here again, yay :-)


When I entered Linsky's Service Station I received a warm and friendly welcome from Steve Linsky himself who was working on a truck (photo to follow). Let me tell you, his service station is BUSY. There were vehicles and mechanics wielding tools, working dilligently to get their customers' cars back on the road ASAP.

Steve is a great guy to talk to as you can probably tell from his happy face! I was wondering how this post would go because all I know about cars is that they have 4 wheels and I can drive around with them. Also, I am always super interested in what color someone's new car is. Oh it's aqua blue - how awesome! Make and Model? What's that? Consequently I am a little apprehensive when I have to deal with real car experts because they could sell me a coffee filter and I would ignorantly pay quadruple for it haha. Well, at Linsky's Garage you do not have to worry about such shenanigans! The first thing Steve said is that he treats everyone the way he likes to be treated. That means he is honest and fair when evaluating your vehicle's problem, and he will repair it as quickly as possible. They book appointments a week in advance and unless a part has to be special ordered and is not readily available, they aim to have repairs done and your car back on the road on the same day. 

Linsky's Service Station has been a family business since 1953 when Steve's father purchased it from the previous owner who had operated the same garage since 1926. With a company in business for that long comes pride in being a well known member of the Cape Ann business community as well as dedication to excellent service, and that is absolutely evident here at Linsky's.

Steve and his expert team provide many different repairs. Fixing or installing brakes, tires, engine- and transmission services, suspension work, electrical services, electronic services, engine maintenance, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. They are well trained in repairing and servicing both foreign and domestic vehicles, even ones with challenging issues, and they use the latest technology to accurately diagnose problems. This much expertise under one roof is not only hard to find but also usually - and quite literally - priceless (as in: your pocket isn't deep enough for the bill haha). Not so! Steve tries to keep costs of repairs as affordable as possible for his customers, and in addition to fair pricing he also guarantees his work.

Here is Steve with his team, taking time out of their busy day to help me make this week's FEATURE FRIDAY fun and interesting.

Please be sure and check out their cool website:


Linsky's Service Station

159 Maplewood Avenue

Gloucester, MA 01930

Tel. 978-283-5120

Steve is also the current president of the Cape Ann Referral Group where he keeps everyone involved and happy to come to the bi-weekly meetings.


One more photo - I couldn't resist because it looks like something on TV. Have a great weekend and thank you, Steve, for taking part in this week's FEATURE FRIDAY!