By Sybille C. Denninger

OMG, it's Friday again and that means FEATURE FRIDAY is here!!!!!

Well, thanks to modern technology I am sending you a big hello from New York City along with this fabulous post.

First I want to congratulate Miss Tina on the 50th Anniversary of Miss Tina's Studio of Dance! She received a citation from our Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken during last Saturday's Dance Recital which was, as always, fabulous! Miss Tina was recognized for her immeasurable contributions to the youth of Gloucester and her dedication to the city and its business community. Well deserved! This is why I chose to feature Miss Tina's Studio of Dance for this week's FEATURE FRIDAY.

~ 50 YEARS, isn't that amazing? ~

As a former student (Miss Carol's Adult Tap class for Beginners, I kid you not, evidence to follow!) I know what that means: 50 years of counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 in one form or another for students who may or may not have an ear for the beat (I did not haha). 50 years of patience. 50 years of choreographing and teaching new routines. 50 years of providing kids of all ages with a place where they can learn skills which set them apart from the crowd. 50 years of educating students on music & dance styles, as well as history of dance and costumes. 50 years of instilling team work and team spirit. 50 years of annual recitals which I can't even imagine organizing.      Miss Tina is like Wonder Woman of Waltz!

At Miss Tina's Studio of Dance you can find students of all ages, literally from 2 to 102. Everyone is included in the annual recitals, proudly showing off what they've learned during the past year. The outstanding team of dance teachers Miss Tina heads up, Miss Carol (who has been there 35 years!), Miss Rachel and Mr. Eric, are well versed in all styles of dance. There are Hip Hop classes, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Jazz dance, Ballroom, Line dancing, and probably ones I don't even know about. Over the past 50 years Miss Tina and her wonderful husband and dance partner Mr. Ron offered adult evening classes at Gloucester High School (psst, Fintan and I attended a course years ago LOL). Every year Miss Tina also teaches "Mad Hot Ballroom" dance classes at various area schools, and has hosted Ballroom Dance Weekends for the past 28 years.

Miss Tina's Studio of Dance offers classes all summer, so you should check out her awesome website and sign up! No mean Abbie Lee Miller here, at Miss Tina's you can really enjoy dancing. My husband and I took a few private lessons with Miss Tina before our wedding so we could kill the first dance ;-) Always a good idea!

<3 Thank you, Miss Tina <3


Miss Tina's Dance Studio
28 Burnham St
Gloucester MA 01930



1st photo credit: http://www.misstinasdancestudios.com/