By Sybille C. Denninger

Good Afternoon, Everyone :-)

Another week is coming to an end and here is FEATURE FRIDAY for you once again. Greeting you today is the smiling face of Sacha Fossa, M.A., A.C.T.E., founder and primary practitioner of Sacred Temple Arts.

Sacha recently joined the Cape Ann Referral Group and I am so pleased to be able to introduce her in today's FEATURE FRIDAY post. She is a pleasure to talk to and has a very calming, kind and caring presence.

You are probably wondering what all the intriguing capital letters in Sacha's title mean. Well, they are impressive indeed and stand for: Masters in Health Arts and Sciences, and Advanced Certified Tantric Educator. 

The main focus of Sacha's practice is to provide coaching, encourage self-impression, create empowerment and improve her clients' life, more specifically: Their love life. We all have probably experienced times in our partnerships where daily chores and stress, or perhaps time spent apart due to work commitments or even military deployments, take over the entire relationship. Intimacy and making love just fade into the background behind everything negative. Unfortunately, when one's love life is starting to lack excitement, fun and frequency, it can lead to other issues such as bickering, not feeling close to your partner, and getting impatient, dissatisfied or insecure within the relationship. Here is where Sacha comes in.

At Sacred Temple Arts Sacha, along with her life partner Ian, offers sessions in person as well as via Skype during which she identifies her clients' challenges and suggests ways and practices to improve their sex lives, and with that their overall outlook and happiness within their relationships. Sacha and Ian provide tools and guidance to couples as well as individuals for cultivating sexual energy, healing, pleasure and connection.

Sacha gives a complimentary consultation over the phone, please refer to her website for additional information. Sacred Temple Arts has three different programs: "Get Your Sex & Love Life Back", "Be A Better Lover" and last but not least "Be The Best Lover".

I was super impressed with the fact that prior to attending any coaching sessions with Sacha, she asks that you and your partner complete an in depth questionnaire. This is awesome because Sacha will use your answers to customize each session to your specifications. So you won't have to try to follow (and pay for!) canned advice which doesn't even apply to you. Instead, Sacha tailors her coaching to each client's needs and objectives. The sessions consist of a combination of practices, body work and healing arts, all geared towards bringing enjoyment back to your sex life. Sacha always follows up with a phone call to see how things are going, she gives you ideas to try at home as well as special exercises. It is an educational process. Admit it, who wouldn't like to be a better, or even the best, lover?

Sacha also offers these programs as a so-called "Immersions" where couples can spend an entire weekend in Rockport while attending all-day sessions with Sacred Temple Arts. The time away from home along with Sacha's and/or Ian's expert coaching, including practices to take back to the inn for the evening, is really beneficial to any partnership which is starting to feel lackluster and stale. With fresh ideas and new techniques to try, intimacy and the joy of making love can really be brought back.


When talking with Sacha we adressed the following questions about the coaching she provides. This is what she said in her own words: 

Why is it important?

"It is important for everyone to realize that they do not have to settle for a sex and love life that they are not happy with. Everyone deserves and can achieve the pleasure and connection they desire from their relationships, at any age or life stage." 

Why do you do it? 

"I do this work because my passion is to help people achieve their relationship goals. I believe everyone should follow their passion in life and to live for pleasure. It is simply what I love to do and to be able to share this work with others is a blessing."


Sacha shares this basic practice with fans of FEATURE FRIDAY: Connect with your partner for just 10 minutes each day! Have a cup of coffee together during that time. Share a real kiss on the way out instead of the old peck on the cheek. Enjoy dinner for two, even if you only have time to microwave a Lean Cuisine. Hold hands and talk about something funny instead of listing everything that ticked you off at work.

Thank you, Sacha, for participating in our FEATURE FRIDAY post this week! Please watch for a $50.00 off coupon for a Sacred Temple Arts session in the Cape Ann Coupons publication. And don't forget to check out Sacred Temple Arts' very informative website which contains much more valuable information than I am able to fit in here.


Sacred Temple Arts

"Pleasure As A Way Of Life"

Sacha L. Fossa, M.A., A.C.T.E.


Member: http://www.capeannbiz.com/

Photos courtesy of Sacha Fossa