Let's discuss BATHROOMS


When my husband and I shopped for houses a few years ago (yes, Fintan was in fact our very competent buyer's agent, I knew you were wondering haha), we were really surprised that every house in our price range ($325,000ish) had rather small bathrooms. Now meanwhile the bathroom I was used to at my bachelorette-pad was seriously tiny, not unlike the facilities you would encounter on an airplane but still, I was struck by the fact that I might have to kiss my dream of a spacious 2-sink luxury bath goodbye. In the end we found a great townhouse-style condo with a bathroom just big enough to be comfortable and we are fine with that. Because the one thing it has going for it, if not size, is its clean, space-efficient modern look. The way your bathroom presents itself to potential buyers can at best mean that you make a few thousand dollars more on the sale of your home and/or sell your property quicker. And at worst it can bring down the sales price or even be a deal breaker. There is good news though: Even a really outdated bathroom (avocado-toilet anyone?) can get a great, quick makeover without breaking the bank. There are some stunning shower curtains and towels which compliment that particular shade of green very nicely :-)

Here are some fun Before an After shots of bathrooms to enjoy while the snow just keeps coming down, brought to us by Better Homes and Gardens.

Stay warm and INSIDE!